Hylar® PVDF

High-performance fluorinated coatings

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Hylar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a high melt viscosity PVDF used for non-architectural coatings, including chemical process equipment, automotive underbodies, fasteners, brake tubes and other applications exposed to highly corrosive chemicals and elevated temperatures.

Hylar® PVDF coatings possess the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers when exposed to harsh thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments.

Key features
  • Stability at temperatures up to 316 °C (600 °F)
  • Excellent chemical and weather resistance
  • Suitable for coating of metallic and fabric or fiber reinforced laminates

Architectural Coatings

Hylar® 5000 is used to make high-performance architectural coatings that deliver superior color and gloss retention, excellent impact resistance and high flexibility for post forming. Low maintenance requirements reduce environmental impact.

The inherent long-life characteristics of 70% Hylar® 5000 PVDF and Hylar® 5000 HG PVDF coatings outperform silicone-modified performance polyester, polyester, acrylics, plastisols, thick film urethanes, anodized metal and FEVE coatings.

Hylar® 5000 coatings, blended at the optimal ratio of 70%-30% PVDF to acrylic maintain their color fastness and gloss longer than all other architectural coatings. Performance of both Hylar® 5000-based coatings surpasses AAMA 2605 requirements.

Key features
  • 40+ years of durability
  • Superior chemical, weathering and UV resistance
  • Non-chalking
  • Surpass AAMA-2605
  • Available in coil and spray applied formulations from licensees