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Designed by Solvay, Passoréa™ is the new generation of stabilized and pigmented polyamide 6.6 tows for flock technology.

Used with flock technology, Passoréa™ allows the creation of durable, multifunctional performance coverings and parts for car interiors.

Features & benefits

Passoréa™ coverings provide outstanding durability, softness and acoustic comfort to automotive interiors, in applications such as seats, door panels, trims, head linings, shelves, storage compartments and floor and trunk coverings.

Based on a unique and versatile technology, Passoréa™ offers customized solutions with creative patterns and distinctive designs. It can provide different textures such as textiles, soft surface and elastic finishings for all types of materials and complex shapes.

Passoréa™ ensures high quality and long-lasting resistance for all coverings and parts, and provides unequalled light-fastness resistance, as well as outstanding wear and abrasion resistance to materials.

Passoréa™ provides versatility and cost:

  • Besides surface covering, Passoréa™ allows coverage of complex and irregular shapes through direct projection on three-dimensional parts (3D process)
  • it will fit to all types of surfaces, including elastic materials
  • it avoids the need for a thermal protective layer for injection molding
  • it provides design flocking on different kinds of coverings (knitted - woven – non woven, etc.)

The main properties of Passoréa™ fiber (1.7dtex Full dull) :

  • Outstanding light-fastness UV resistance
  • Durable wear and abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding resilience
  • Natural comfort
  • Easy care and easy clean
  • Quality and regulation compliance (ISO 9001- Oekotex standard 100 – Range in compliance with REACH)

Tailor-made solutions can be designed for our customers.


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Automotive: seats, door panels, trims, head linings, shelves, storage compartments, floor and trunk coverings
Outdoor technical applications
Coverings for upholstery, curtains, cushions
Technical garments requiring outstanding durability and UV – Light resistance.