Rhovanil® Natural

The natural vanillin reference

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Rhovanil® Natural is a natural vanillin range that is non-GMO and that can be labeled as Natural flavor according both European and US stringent flavor regulations. Obtained by bioconversion of ferulic acid, a natural organic compound found in rice bran for instance, Rhovanil® Natural is the market reference for natural vanillin needs, as complement ans substitute of natural vanillin from vanilla beanswhich remain very limited worldwide and very inconsistent in terms of quality & pricing levels. 

Rhovanil® Natural : a unique Global Natural flavor labeling

As vanilla beans cannot cover the worldwide needs and the prices reach an all-time high, Rhovanil® Natural becomes the excellent alternative  or complement to natural flavors: it is the only natural vanillin that meets both these European 1334/2008 and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21CFR101.22 regulations regarding natural labeling, a key benefit for food international players.

Solvay natural vanillin is also the only natural vanillin approved by TTB, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which is in charge for instance of alcoholic beverages regulations, in addition to FDA approval.

In 2018, Solvay introduced Rhovanil® Natural CW (crystal white) wiht the higher purity level of the market. With a capacity of 60 metric tons, this Solvay natural vanillin aims at supporting the natural ingredients gorwing demand worldwide. 

Features and Benefits

Rhovanil® Natural range has a strong characteristic vanilla note with a soft and powdery facet, complemented by a touch of caramel. It delivers:

  • A powerful vanilla note with a sweet, creamy, natural character
  • The advantages of non-GMO products
  • A worldwide labeling of ‘Natural flavor’ for consumer end-products stemming from a process of unique fermentation from natural raw material
  • A solution which is approved and used by major food companies and incorporated in leading brands in the fields of beverage, pastry, ice cream and dairy products


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Rhovanil® Natural & Rhovanil® Natural CW bring its sweet, creamy and cocoa characteristics to the following applications:

  • Dairy products, ice cream
  • Chocolate, caramel, and malt flavors to round off single flavor chemicals and cocoa extracts
  • All kinds of fruit flavors, including natural strawberry, raspberry, banana and fruit blends, which are transformed into sweet, creamy, candy-like profiles adored by children
  • Confectionery and sugars containing vanilla
  • Biscuits, pastry, cakes and French pastry cream
  • Beverages

In a word, Rhovanil® Natural range is altogether compliant with the stringent regulations in force regarding  “natural status” in Food and cost-competitive with a sweet vanilla note consumers enjoy.