Solef® PVDF

High-performance semi-crystalline fluoropolymers

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Solef® PVDF is a fluorinated semi-crystalline thermoplastic which is obtained by polymerizing vinylidene fluoride. Without any additives, it has the intrinsic stability inherent to fluoropolymers even when exposed to harsh environments, providing the user with a unique combination of properties resulting in longer equipment life.

In addition to the PVDF homopolymers, which are recognized worldwide for their excellent performance in a variety of applications, Solvay Specialty Polymers has developed a wide range of VF2-HFP copolymers, and VF2-CTFE copolymers to respond to specific needs of the market.

Key Features

  • Chemical inertness to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, alcohols, etc.
  • Very high purity
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Continuous use within a wide range of temperatures
  • Unaffection by UV and good resistance to γ radiation
  • Excellent intrinsic fire resistance
  • Available grades approved for food contact applications
  • Good capability for thermoforming and very easily joined by welding


Relative Performance of Melt-Processable Fluoropolymers

In addition to Solef PVDF resins, Solvay Specialty Polymers offers a wide range of fluoropolymers which are also easily processable by injection, extrusion and all conventional processing techniques.

Solef Relative Performance


Solef® PVDF grades can be processed using techniques applicable to standard thermoplastics:

  • Extrusion
  • Injection, compression and transfer molding
  • Machining

Items produced from all non-reinforced grades of Solef® PVDF can be easily assembled using standard welding methods, such as:

  • Hot air welding with welding rod
  • Butt welding
  • Heat-sealing
  • Ultrasonic
  • IR welding

Solef® PVDF Markets and Applications

Automotive Fuel Systems

Optimal Pipes, Tubes and Hoses

Solef® PVDF qualities of impermeability and chemical resistance recommend its use in automotive fuel transport systems. A layer of Solef® PVDF within the construction of a multi-layer fuel line enhances the strength, permeation resistance and durability of the hose.

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Chemical Processing Industry

Industries such as Chemical Processing rely on Solef® PVDF to withstand heat and pressure, aggressive chemicals, mechanical stress, and abrasive particles in varied applications:

  • Chemical production
  • Transport and storage systems
  • Filtration and separation equipment (filters, membranes, housings)
  • Heat exchangers

Gas Sampling Bags

Gas sampling bags fabricated from Ajedium Solef® PVDF film are inert to most gases and resist gas permeation.

Films are available from 1 mil up to 55” wide and are designed to retain their properties when exposed to a variety of chemicals over a wide range of temperatures. Moreover Solef® PVDF does not contain additives that could eventually leach out during service and will not demonstrate particle generation over time.

Solef® PVDF films are readily thermo weldable. Tensile tests performed on the welded seams have proven that fusions are as 100% reliable as the original material.

Pumps and Filters Diaphragms in Chemical Industry

Thanks to its chemical resistance and high service temperature, Solef® PVDF films are used in the manufacturing of diaphragms for pumps and filters used in CPI applications.

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Photovoltaic Backsheet Films

Solef® PVDF films are ideally suited as a component in backsheet laminates used in photovoltaic modules. PVDF offers an excellent combination of properties from UV stability to water vapor permeation resistance making it an excellent choice. Solef® PVDF can be laminated to PET to provide the traditional fluoropolymer-PET-fluoropolymer or fluoropolymer-PET structure currently available in the marketplace.

Antigraffiti Covering Films

Thanks to their chemical resistance and low surface tension, Solef® PVDF films are used to protect surfaces from graffiti. PVDF high chemical resistance allow the use of aggressive cleaning agents to remove inks and its low surface tension reduces the adhesion of graffiti.

Wind Power Protective Films

Solvay offers protective films made by Solef® PVDF which offer high resistance to environmental conditions and lower friction for wind mills blades and turbine generators.

Key Features

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Unaffected by UV (>232 nm)
  • Good adhesion of various substrates with specific grades

Fuel Cells

Solef® PVDF is a chemically resistant polymer with high thermal stability for the fuel cell system's balance of plant components such as manifolds, fuel tubing, fittings, valves, recipients, etc.

Li-Ion Batteries

Thanks to its stable and reliable performance, Solef® PVDF is one of the preferred choice as binder material for electrodes. Furthermore, Solef® PVDF can be used for producing battery separators offering various advantages in the design of the separator, used as main component or even just as a thin coating layer.


Solef® PVDF possess all the characteristics necessary to make hollow fiber, flat sheet and tubular membranes with the pore size and separation selectivity needed in the realization of bioprocessing and medical filtration membranes and food and beverage processing membranes.

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Oil & Gas

Solef® PVDF has been used in the harsh environments of down-hole and sub-sea oil production for many years due to its proven thermal, chemical resistance and barrier properties.

Solef® PVDF has been used since the 1990's as pressure sheath in flexible risers, unbonded multilayer metal/polymer pipes which convey crude oil from subsea wells up to fixed platforms or floating installations.

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Solef® PVDF, extruded or molded, is found in fittings, valves and various components as well as in processing equipment. It also provides reliable construction for waste disposal systems.

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Solef® PVDF is specified for key components such as pipes, valves, fittings, vessels for transportation and storage of ultrapure water, hot and concentrated acids. It also offers needed mechanical and chemical resistance for waste disposal systems.

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