Stabamid® Product ranges

Stabamid®, an expanding universe

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In a constant evolution, our Stabamid® galaxy is continuously expanding to provide the best solution. Our entire range of Stabamid® Polyamide resin is available through 3 universes: 
... tailored to each of your needs.

Stabamid® High Performance

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Stabamid® High Performance is our new generation of Long Chain Polyamide and Co-polymer ranges. Stabamid® High Performance is the answer to your most demanding challenges, bringing you the best cost-performance ratio.

Stabamid® Functional

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Stabamid® Functional is our top quality Polyamide 6.6 range especially made to fit with the most demanding applications. From ultra dull properties to high viscosity, from super deep dyeing to high thermal resistance Stabamid® Functional brings to your Textile, Industrial yarn, Engineering Plastic and Fiber applications the most efficient solution perfectly adjusted to your needs.

Stabamid® Original

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Stabalmid® Original is our historical Polyamide 6.6 resins range renowned for its high quality standard. Stabamid® Original product range benefits from a consistent quality whatever the quantities and whatever the production unit. With plants located all around the world, we are able to fulfil your needs very quickly. Otherwise, our Polyamide 6.6 resins will bring performance and high mechanical properties to your applications.

Stabamid®, the primary building block of your ambition

Pure, compounded, additivated or in co-polymers our customers already use our Stabamid® products in a vast array of applications such as:
Automotive: airbags, undercover parts, hoses & tubing, tire cord, ... 
Filaments & Bristles: monofilaments, textile, brush bristles, ... 
Industrial applications: Hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, precision gears, ... 
Electric & Electronic applications: safety switches and circuit breakers, ... 
Oil & Gas transportation: offshore oil pipelines & gas pressure cables, water and gas fitting, ... 
Construction: flooring, connectors, coatings, paints, ... 
Consumer goods: sportswear, hosiery, kitchen tools, ...
The Stabamid® galaxy is continuously expanding to always bring innovative solutions and serve your ambition as you deserve. 
We won't put any limits to our imagination to invent the polymers of tomorrow!