Stabamid® Services

Stabamid® Services, you are in good hands

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Over its long history, Solvay Polyamide & Intermediates has developed strong expertise in Polyamide resins. This know-how allows us to customize and create the polyamides which meet your high demand requirements. 
Stabamid® benefits from this experience over the years. 
Stabamid® is the promise of superior quality polyamide resins, associated with high value services, backed by Solvay expertise. From order to delivery, from product to implementation, from support to assistance, Stabamid® Services can offer you the best solutions. 

Stabamid® Services, customize your Stabamid® solution to meet your ambitions!

For our ranges of Stabamid® Functional and Stabamid® High Performance, Stabamid ® Services offers the possibility to customize our solutions according to your requests. Stabamid ® Services establishes a close cooperation with you to better respond to your regular business and innovation stakes. Stabamid® Services constitutes a team of specialists fully dedicated to answering your specific requirements and bringing you their expertise and service. You have some business or innovation questions? Contact us!

Stabamid® Services, tailor-made services "à la carte"

As a fully integrated supplier of Polyamides, Stabamid® Services offers a dedicated and responsive supply network based on highly efficient production facilities and global coordination. From order to delivery, whatever your location is, Stabamid® Services is calling to our best experts. They are able to provide you the best-in-class innovative solutions, responsiveness, reliability to serve all your needs. Feel free to challenge us!