Strontium Carbonate

Solvay Strontium Carbonate

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Strontium Carbonate is the most widely used Strontium compound. Thanks to its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in a diverse range of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass.

Features & benefits

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  • Wide range of granular and powder grades covering all known applications
  • Stable raw material supply, thanks to vast reserves of celestite in Spain and Mexico, natural Carbon Dioxide in Germany (Bad Hoenningen) and Soda Ash in North America
  • A consistent quality thanks to strict process control along the manufacturing chain
  • Experienced technical knowledge enables cooperation with customers to identify most suitable grades for their application


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  • Glass substrates for displays and photovoltaic panel
  • Ferrites for permanent magnets used in automotive electronic components and household appliances
  • Purification of electrolytic zinc
  • Ceramic frits and glazes
  • Special glass
  • Raw material for the production of Strontium Metal and other Strontium compounds

Product Types

Strontium carbonate coarse powder 

Strontium carbonate coarse powder is used in the production of glazes, frits and for production of strontium pigments. Another application for strontium carbonate coarse powder is the production of special glass. 

Strontium carbonate fine powder

Strontium carbonate fine powder is used in the production of ferrites for permanent magnets, and in Zinc electrolysis for removal of lead. Strontium carbonate fine powder is also used in the production of strontium chromate. 

Strontium carbonate granular 

Strontium carbonate granular is used in the production of display glass and other glass. Strontium carbonate granular is also used in the metallurgy.

Strontium carbonate standard powder 

Strontium carbonate standard powder is used in the production of ferrites for permanent magnets. Strontium carbonate standard powder is also used for the production of glazes and enamel frits.

Technical Service

Our technical experts are familiar with the production process of ferrites and the electrolytical production of zinc.

They have experience and can give advice about the usage and handling of the right products. They can also provide technical support to the glass and display industry.