60 years of performance: TECHNYL® is stronger than ever


Solvay Engineering Plastics is a global leader in polyamide-based engineering polymers. Since 1953, we develop, manufacture and commercialize a complete range of high performance materials for automotive and transportation, construction and energy, consumer goods and industrial equipment under the Technyl® brand.

Today, the Technyl® family is stronger than ever with four new differentiating products and service offers - the Technyl® Force - for which Solvay Engineering Plastics has leading expertise.


• Reduce weight  
• Process easily   
• Optimize function integration  
• Lower cost

• Perform to high safety standards
• Enjoy high performance  
• Produce efficiently  
• Respect the environment

• Leader in Automotive for Thermal Management
• Dedicated offer for Turbo Charging

• High chemical resistance
• Longer durability
• Holding up under pressure
• Fuel barrier resistance
TechnylStar® is a complete range of advvanced high fluidity technology that offers you unlimited possibilities:
• Medium-reinforced TechnylStar®S  and AF, ideal for processing and molding, while saving cost, time, and energy.
• Highly reinforced TechnylStar®SX and AFX, the ultimate solution for reducing weight through metal substitution thanks to its considerable rigidity.

Our 10-year track record of excellence for TechnylStar® has demonstrated: 
• Unprecedented mechanical performance• Excellent surface aspect
• Easy processability
• High productivity


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Technyl® One is a new polymer technology patented by Solvay that effectively yields high temperature performance while offering distinct advantages to avoid tool corrosion and increase processing stability. 

Main benefits for customers
• Market-leading electrical performance
• Performance processing even at low temperatures
• Low corrosion for tools and injection equipment

Product properties
• Yellow card available with the highest RTI rating at 150°C, at 0.4mm wall thickness 
• High fire rating class: UL94 at 0.4mm, 600V CTI, GWFI 960°C at 0.8mm
• 30% higher dimensional stability than standard polyamide due to significantly enhanced moisture resistance
• Excellent surface aspect, even for 50% glass fiber reinforced materials
• Specific color tailoring upon request

Electrical protection devices requiring product miniaturization and multi-functionality such as high-range miniature circuit breakers (MCB), model case circuit breakers (MCCB), contactors, and all applications that require high electrical performance.


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A leader in automotive solutions for thermal management
Solvay Engineering Plastics offers a complete array of hydrolysis-resistant Technyl® grades for the most demanding appliances delivering multiple benefits:
• Extensive product portfolio referenced by global and regional OEMs.
• Easy processing and compatibility with numerous production techniques, including injection, welding blow-molding, overmolding, and more.
• Optimization of parts design and functional integration, as well as potential for weight reduction.
• Worldwide availability of Technyl® products customer support.

A dedicated offer for turbo charging
To meet growing demand for downsized engines that continue to offer lightweight high performance and power output, Solvay Engineering Plastics offers a specially designed range of heat performance materials:
• Technyl® B2 V15 is the new generation for 2D and 3D blow-molding, providing complex tubular parts able to resist temperatures up to 210°C.
• Technyl® Heat Performance (HP), a product range for injection-molded applications, providing continuous 200°C temperature resistance.

A range of hydrolysis-resistant grades for the most demanding applications
• 20-year track market reference. 
• Tensile strength improvement versus standard materials after aging in water/glycol hot mixtures. 
• High hydrolysis and road salt resistance for extreme conditions.


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Technyl® eXten D 236AL
Solvay Engineering Plastic’s bio-sourced Technyl® eXten provides an effective alternative to polyamide 12 protective coating for metal pipes. For example, unfilled Technyl eXten D 236AL is copper-like colored, then melted onto the surface of aluminium pipes used in air conditioning systems' outdoor cooling units.

Technyl® eXtenD 218CR V33
Solvay Engineering Plastics continually evolves the Technyl® offering to meet new requirements
for engine components. Our innovative Technyl® eXten D 218CR V33 provides a well-balanced combination
of hydrolysis and road salt resistance. This partially bio-based grade was developed specifically to provide
chemical resistance to calcium chloride, the preferred road salt used in countries with lower freezing

Product properties
• High-speed extrusion ability (high flow) 
• Aluminum adhesion (with epoxy primer)
• Flexibility
• UV stability 
• Excellent surface aspect
• Color-matching

Application markets