A new Generation of Colloidal Ceria Abrasive

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With the continually decreasing size of integrated circuits in today’s semiconductor industry, the need for an effective and adapted CMP polishing solution has never been greater.

Production costs and reliability are too critical to risk using old solutions that are no longer adapted to today’s progressively smaller line width, potentially causing damage instead of producing the required scratch-free surfaces.

Engineered and produced by Solvay, Zenus® is a colloidal ceria abrasive that resolves major defectivity issues faced by semiconductor manufacturers or CMP applications. Zenus® reaches new levels of precision and predictability to accompany your production into the next generation.

Features & Benefits

Zenus® offers significant advantages:
  • Unique technology controls particle size and regularity precisely
  • Hexagonal particle form provides optimal performance against defects
  • Polishing slurry benefits from extremely even particle distribution
  • Implementation is easy with ready-to-formulate packaged solution

Zenus® is available with different particle sizes so you can achieve the polishing performances required for your applications.

Adapted to your precise Needs

With the benefits of its technical composition and structure, Zenus® provides the semiconductor and CMP applications with a new technology to make abrasives and formulate the slurry needed to move into the next generation.

Zenus® is a flexible solution that enables you to implement the slurry you require for your particular surface finishing needs. Just add your chemicals, no extra processing steps are required to produce the final polishing slurry.

  • Particle size range available from 10 nm to 60 nm
  • Monodispersity of the primary particle
  • From 10-30 wt% water suspension
  • Surface treatment available on demand
  • Packaged, ready-to-formulate