Zeosil® Premium

The silica benchmark for green tires

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Zeosil® Premium is the first generation of high surface silicas for tires which combines superior dispersibility, excellent reinforcement and low hysteretic properties.

Zeosil® Premium is one of Solvay's latest innovations for the tire industry: this new generation of high surface silica offers up to 25% less rolling resistance and 7% less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Zeosil® Premium silica in tires: Less resistance, more performance

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Recent European regulations are challenging automotive and tire manufacturers to limit rolling resistance in order to reduce fuel consumption & CO2 emissions. As a key supplier to automotive industry, Solvay developed Zeosil® Premium to open new perspectives for sustainable mobility by improving at the same time environmental performance of tires; consumer safety and manufacturer productivity through improved processability. Zeosil® Premium silica is your passport for the "AA" tire, the highest grade in the new European Tire Labelling regulation.
Zeosil® Premium technology is based on the association of a specific high surface-area and a new morphology, a unique combination of the silica aggregate and the element particles of which it is composed.
This technology makes Zeosil® Premium a breakthrough product that is unique in the market.
The unique structure of this High Performance silica enables very good dispersibility for such a high surface improving the mixing of silica into rubber and enhancing productivity for the manufacturer. In addition, it provides exceptional tread reinforcement for increased tire durability.