Plant nutrition

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In the agrochemical market, farmers use various fertilizers to impart macronutrients to plants either by application to the soil or application to plant leaves. However, when applied as a dry prill/granule directly on the field or as UAN liquid fertilizer, loss of nitrogen occur depending of the climatic conditions. To prevent those phenomena and improve the efficiency of N Fertilization to the plants, innovative formulations based on urease and nitrification inhibitors are currently commercialized.

Promoting water retention to reduce plants’ water stress and improve the flow of nutrients is a key challenge for healthy crops. Everything starts in the heart of the seed by activating its reservoir function to ensure the plant has the life-giving water it needs during its growing phase. The same approach is tailored to coating fertilizers or adding to micronutrients during fertigation to ensure they efficiently release the active ingredient designed to trigger water retention.


Water retention agent:
  • Ag-RHO® WR30 series

Fertilizer protection

Innovative formulations based on urease and nitrification inhibitors: