Flavor and Flavor Formulation

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With its global expertise, Solvay innovates in the food and flavor formulations industry in line with market trends.

Govanil™, a new generation of vanilla flavors, responds to contemporary concerns such as health and nutrition, taste reinsurance and natural ingredients. Its unique combination of an intense top note and long-lasting vanilla taste provides functional solutions to food professionals. For instance, by reducing sugar content in cookies without compromising taste.
For high protein nutrition foods, the Govanil™ range, with its patented technology, can mask the off-notes produced by proteins and provide an attractive taste.
Natural flavor needed? A natural grade is also available in this innovative range for this specific request.

To satisfy increasing global demand for natural flavor and vanilla taste, we have developed a natural vanillin: produced from the bioconversion of natural raw materials, Rhovanil® Natural earns the Natural label under both European and American regulations. It is the only natural vanillin as an alternative to the beans themselves that is compliant with these two stringent regulations.

Confectionery, dairy, pastry/baking, chocolate, ice-creams, soft drinks, beverages, sugars containing vanilla: