Advanced Functional Materials

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We offer a comprehensive range of specialty polymers, oligomers and monomers in a variety of molecular weights and particle sizes for use in advanced composites. Product forms include powders, fibers, films and foams.

Climate Control

Heat transfer fluids for electrical components:

Engine & Fuel System Components

High temperature gasket:

Fluid Transfer, Seals and Coatings

Encapsulated O-rings for high-pressure fuel lines and hydraulic seals; High-pressure, reinforced, flexible hydraulic hoses; Sensors, valves and fittings for hydraulic systems:

Metal coatings; Electrical wrapping tape; Seals, fittings and assemblies for fluid transfer lines; Medium and high-pressure components for fuel transfer applications:

High-Performance Seals

O-rings, oil seals:

Tougheners for thermoset matrix systems

Functional Coatings

Anti-smudge coatings for electronic displays, soil and stain-resistant coatings, wear-resistant coatings, oleo-repellent treatments:


Heat Transfer Fluids

Food and beverage trolleys, individual passenger climate control:

Fluorinated Fluids for Functional Coatings