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In the constant attempt to reduce weight and make airplanes more fuel efficient, metal parts are being replaced by plastic alternatives that are about 50% lighter than comparable parts made of aluminum. Depending on the type, they also have similar specific strength, have a much higher corrosion resistance (in contrast to metal), withstand extreme temperatures, and perform excellently in dynamic applications.

Structural, Interior & Cargo Components

Tegralite™ is a new global line of advanced thermoplastic lightweighting solutions designed to make flight more efficient and cost-effective for aircraft manufacturers and airlines. These technologies integrate the world’s broadest range of high performance polymer systems from Solvay Specialty Polymers and the complementary skills of other innovators within the industry, including 3A Composites, Aonix and JSP.

Foam and sandwich panels:
  • Tegracore™ Structural Foams


  • Specialty Polymers for Aonix UltraMaterials

Resins for interiors:
Composite core materials and foams:

Resins for aerospace parts:
  • Ablaphene resins

Aircraft/Airspace parts:


Payloads and Flight Systems