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Our high-performance materials answer the demands of electrification applications such as electrical & electronics, data transmission and wire & cable and meet the critical performance requirements of safety, high temperature and chemical resistance and more. 

Moreover, for electric vehicles, our solutions increase the life and performance of the new generation of Li-Ion batteries. 

    Electrical Systems

    Magnet wire coatings, solenoids, etc.:

    Switches, lighting sockets, LED packaging, connectors, bobbins, housings,  solenoids, electric motors, etc.:

    Connectors, sensors, fuses, etc.:

    LED packaging:

    Alternators and stators parts, central electric boxes:

    High-performance lubricants for automotive electrical systems:

    Wire & Cable

    Low-voltage cables, high-temp. cables, etc.:

    Cable jacketing & rackets:

    Plastic optical fibers:

    Extruded wire insulation coatings:

    Battery Systems

    Li-Ion battery binders and materials for separators:

    Highly proton-conductive membrane for Fuel-Cell stacks:

    Lithium batteries:

    Battery housing, cover, wiring components:

    Lead acid batteries: