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A vehicle’s weight directly impacts its fuel consumption and hence its COemissions. Our polymers solutions are designed to replace metal so as to significantly reduce the weight of a vehicle without compromising safety.

Exterior Parts

Exterior rear mirror, roof rack, sun roof frame, wind screen arm, wiper system, body parts, external door handles, windshield module, wheel cover, fuel filler flap, headlights bezel, exterior mirror housings, door handles:

Structural & Semi-structural Parts

Bumper and pedestrian beam, engine support, seats components, seats structure, structural inserts, front end, suspension components:

Foam core for structural foams for composite sandwich structures:
  • Tegracore™ PPSU

3D-moldable foams for ducting, insulation, etc.:

Building block for Epoxy resin (LER, SER, reactive diluent, hardener) for composites:

Mechanical Components

Water pump housings, turbocharger air coolers, heater core end caps, etc.:

Check balls, seal rings, thrust washers, thrust bearings, needle bearing replacements, etc.:

Engine covers, fan & shroud:

Fluorination of plastic fuel tanks:

Additive for high performance brake pad:

Interior door handle:

Fixation systems:


Part simulation: