Powertrain Efficiency

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Our polymers and fluorinated products provide effective solutions for thermal control, optimized acoustic systems and corrosion protection, all of which are essential to enhancing powertrain efficiency.

Cooling & Heating Systems

Active cooling valve, cooling pipes, turbocharger components, degas bottle, expansion tank closure, heating pipes, standard radiator end tank, oil module, quick connectors, thermostat housing, water pump components, air conditioning parts, oil filter housing fixation and cap, high end radiator end tank (salt resistant), charge air cooler, turbo air ducts, water cooled charged air cooler, air intake manifold:

Brazing technology for brazing aluminium heat exchangers:

Thermal management systems modules:

Engine Management Systems

Seal rings for injector systems, etc.:

Throttle body parts:

Oil & Fuel Circuit

Charcoal canister, fuel and vapor lines, fuel filler tube, fuel filter components, fuel gauge & sender unit, fuel rail, fuel connector, sealing and O-rings, anti-foaming plate, guiding tube for oil indicator, cylinder head cover, oil pan, transmission cover, power steering reservoir:

Transmission Parts

Bearing cage, belt protection and tensioner, brake pedal, pedals & brackets, clutch master cylinder system, cable jacketing & rackets, gear shift housing, hydraulic system, pulley, truck braking tubes, car braking tubes: