Energy Savings

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Buildings represent 40% of the world’s energy consumption and COemissions.

We help develop solutions for energy-saving triple-glazed windows to save energy and for foam wall coverings to maintain comfortable temperatures in near-zero-energy housing. Our cooling & heating systems products are very easy to install and last almost forever.

Thermal Insulation

PUR foam components and foaming agents:

Windows frames, doors and siding:

Thermal break in aluminium windows:

Flat glass for window glazing:

Architectural parts:

Glasswool for insulation:

Protective layer:

Efficient electrochromism properties in shops and office housing:

Translucent and reinforced cushion:

Cooling & Heating Systems

Piping system:

Pipe for air conditioning systems:

Valves for air conditioning systems:

Fittings & manifolds:

Boiler & meter components:

Gas system pipes & fittings: