Resource Efficiency

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Scarcity of drinking water is becoming a challenge in many countries. Rainwater is more and more reused in cities to water plants and trees (vegetal façades). All this calls for large quantities of plastic water and drainage piping and fittings.

We also provide protective and support films for solar panels that are often placed on the roof of buildings, increasing panels' efficiency and enabling further non-renewable fossil fuels savings. 


Drinking water pipes, fittings & manifolds : 

Shower taps & valves: 

PVC Pressure pipes and fittings for drinking water, pipes to collect and reuse rainwater: 

Sewage pipes for waste water:

Pipes, fittings and manifolds for gas:

Pumps, valves, manifolds, filters, tanks and fittings, to preserve metal usage: 

Electricity Generation

Photovoltaic frontsheet and backsheet:
Photovoltaic cell maker:
Photovoltaic glass:
Photovoltaic frames:
Fixation (mounting systems, module carrier), junction box, connectors, valve, glands: