Household Goods

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For design freedom and compliance with consumer standards, today's and tomorrow's home appliances call for high levels of performance and adaptability. From large white goods to small household appliances, our engineering plastics and specialty polymers cover electrical protection and metal replacement while offering high strength and surface beauty to the finished parts.

Our NOCOLOK® flux brazing technology is used also in the household appliance industry for the manufacturing of pots and pans. 

White Goods

White appliance - Structural parts:

White appliance - Switches and buttons:

Brown Goods

Food service & cookware, trays containers and utensils

Microwave, cookware and bakeware coatings:

Anti-stick coatings & primers:

Household appliance industry for the manufacturing of pots and pans:

Flat glass for cosmetic mirrors, electronic devices, shower doors and other home appliances:

Glass for tableware, cookware and decorative items:
Kitchen appliance - Wetted parts:

Kitchen appliance - Food contact parts:

Kitchen appliance - Cosmetic parts:

Kitchen appliance - Structural and casing parts:

Kitchen appliance - Thermal controller:

Kitchen appliance, valves and pumps:

Cooking utensils:

Grey Goods

Care and lifestyle appliance - Struct & casing parts:


Chairs, mattresses & bedding:

Writing instruments/Office supply - Pens:
  • Ocalio™

Polyurethane foam:

Synthetic leather:

  • Augeo™ SL 191
  • Acetone
  • Butyl Acetate
  • DAA
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Fenol
  • HGL
  • IPA
  • MIBK
  • Rhodiasolv® TV 101

High-end furniture:

Power Tools & Garden

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In addition to electrical or fuel compliance, power tool needs a specific mechanical and crash resistance properties. 

Power Tools:

Non electrical power tools:

Battery (non auto):