Medical equipment and instruments

Medical Equipment

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General medical equipment: laboratory and testing equipment and components, housings, mHealth:

Bio-/Pharma processing equipment:

  • Lutecium oxide


Membranes for hemodialysis:

Building block for hemodialysis membrane production:
  • AN69

Membranes for bioprocessing & medical filtration:

Re-usable Devices & Instruments

Medical & dental instruments: handles, grips, trials, trocar, housings, sizers, components for instruments:

Single-use Devices & Instruments

Medical and dental instruments: Clamps, trocar, forceps, loops, hemostats, retractors, depressors:


Sterilization cases and trays: e.g. general and specialized cases & trays, caddies, brackets, windows, bumpers, feet, latches:

Sterilant of medical devices: