Enhanced Design and Connectivity

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The increased miniaturization, conductivity and complexity of electrical components mean greater demands on materials, especially for high temperature operation and dimensional stability. 

Our specialty polymers can replace metal in structural components where strength, rigidity and aesthetics are important, such as housings, covers, chassis and frames for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
The design flexibility of our engineering plastics helps meeting the specific needs of, among others, the connector, power distribution and industrial control markets. 

In the more and more demanding lighting and display markets our researchers are developing new generation materials for Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED), delivering high quality diffuse light from thin and potentially flexible displays and LCDs and electrochromism for designing new smart windows.

Display Technologies


LCD and plasma display panels:

OLED display glass:

Organic LED display:

Organic printed memory, haptic feedback:

Mobile Electronics

Microspeakers, microswitches, microreceivers:


Camera - Modules:

Camera - Lens lubrication:

Back housing and battery cover:

Chassis and frames:

Mobile phones / cases:
  • Ocalio™

Electrical Components

Electronic components:

Computing, data-system and office equipment - Power unit:

High-intensity LEDs:

Multi-layer ceramic capacitor:

Home Electronics & Appliances

Computer & hardware - External structural, power unit:

Connectivity - Computer & hardware, telecommunication: 

Lighting - Bulb:

FR & non FR light sockets and connectors:

Power unit - Television & media player, media & entertainment:


White appliance - Connectors:

White appliance - Electrical parts:

Kitchen appliance - Connectors:

Kitchen appliance - Electrical insulation system:
Appliances - Internal electrical parts, external electrical parts, regulator:
Care and lifestyle appliance - Electrical parts:

Semiconductors and Memories

Building block for epoxy resin (LER, SER, reactive diluent, hardener): 

Cleaning & etching stages of semiconductor chip production: 

CMP polishing: 

Smart Devices


FR & non FR connectors: 

Structural parts: 

Wearable devices - Wristband: