Energy Storage

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Lithium batteries are a challenging application for most polymeric materials, demanding long-term reliability as well as chemical and electrochemical resistance in the specific chemical environment of Li-ion cells. Solef® PVDF brings long term high performances to the lithium battery industry as a binder in the formulation of electrodes and in the composition of the separator. 

Our LiTFSI lithium salt adds up to 20% to Li-ion battery lifetimes, and improves intrinsic safety and performance for both liquid electrolyte formulations and LMP technology. 

The ultrapure additives tert-amylbenzene (TAB) and monofluoroethylene carbonate (F1EC) are used in batteries and accumulators to improve the cycle life of lithium ion rechargeable cells containing a graphitic anode.

Our specialty polymers such as Aquivion® PFSA, Algoflon® PTFE, Tecnoflon® FKM and solvene® EAP are used for innovative energy generation and storage technologies such as fuel cells, water electrolysis and energy scavenging. 
F1EC and Solef® PVDF are also used in the batteries for the Solar Impulse plane. 

Lead Acid Batteries

Battery maker:

Membranes for battery separator:
  • Zeosil 1165-MP

Lithium Batteries

Li-Ion battery binders & materials for separators:

Batteries electrolyte:
  • Sodasolvay®
  • LiTFSI salt
  • TFSI derivatives for ionic liquids
  • TA to produce LiTA salt that is used as electrolyte salt for primary and Lithium Sulufur (LiS) batteries
  • TAB and Fluor based additives like F1EC solvent

Flow Batteries

Ion exchange membranes for vanadium and non acid redox:

Stack sealings for vanadium and non acid redox :


Fuel cell stack gas diffusion layers:

Fuel cell stack heat management:

Stack membranes:

Humidifier housing:

Humidifier Membranes:

Stack end plates:

Ion exchange membranes for water electrolysis:

Stack sealings for water electrolysis: