Oil & Gas: Infrastructure, Equipment & Parts

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The Oil & Gas industry offers challenging applications for most polymeric materials, demanding high temperature performance, chemical resistance, chemical permeation resistance, toughness and flexibility even at low temperature, excellent electrical insulation and long-term reliability. Solvay provides a wide range of high-performance polymers that meet Oil & Gas critical requirements.


Packers and Stators:
Offshore E&P flexible risers and flowlines:


Anti-wear tapes & insulation film:

Reinforced thermoplastic pipes (RTP):
Choke & kill pipes (C and K):

PUR(Polyurethane) insulation for LPG/LNG shipment:

Insulation structure for LNG cryogenic systems:

Piping & Tubing

Cryogenic protection:

Pipes & fittings:

External pipe protection:


Offshore oil pipelines & gas pressure cables, water and gas fitting:

Equipment & Parts

Compressor valve plates and pump seats - friction reduction:


HPHT hydraulic fluids:

Seals for downhole & offshore E&P:

Shale Gas & LTO

Drilling/completion  - Rod guide:

Friction reducing, frac ball, sliding sleeves, downhole components, plates and compressors: