Power Generation

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For renewable energy production, we develop products & technologies such as films for photovoltaic panels, and seals, cables and epoxy compounds for wind turbine blades. 


Biomass co-generation:
  • Energy Supply Contract

Gas co-generation:
  • Energy Supply Contract


Photovoltaic cell maker:

Photovoltaic frontsheet and backsheet:

Photovoltaic backsheet:

Photovoltaic glass:

Photovoltaic frames:

Connectors, valves, glands:

Fixation (mounting system, module carrier):

Junction box:

Photovoltaic cell maker:


Structural parts:

Electrical parts:

Wind blades:
  • BpA Epoxy

Wind blades coatings:

Sealing and Shieling solution for wind turbines:


Biomass fuel:
  • Flow

Biomass cogeneration:
  • Energy Supply Contract