Industrial Equipment

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We create and formulate specific polymer products that perfectly suit the high need of industrial equipment, encompassing a wide range of combined resistances such as corrosion, temperature, and aggressive chemicals. Our polymers are offering solutions to replace metal in harsh conditions.

Pipes, Pumps, Fittings & Valves

Fluid and gas-handling applications:
Pipes and multi-layer pipes:
Fluid management (pumps, fittings, valves, meters):

Industrial Equipment Parts

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Attachments tailor:

Engine parts - Lawn and garden:

Engine parts - Tractor:

Others - Agriculture:

Parts & accessories:

Helmet, suit, shoes:


Structural parts:

Bearing, gear, cable chain, pulley:

Cable tubing & protection:

High pressure cleaning:

Heating cables:

Security & fire resistance:

Power & signal cable:

Membranes for food, beverage and dairy processing: