Metal & Surface Treatment

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We create ingredients and formulated products that modify and clean the surface of several metallic and organic substrates improving the performance of the finished articles and enhancing their shelf life.

Metal Treatment

We create ingredients and formulated products that modify and clean the surface of metals, improving the performance of the finished articles. This includes increased corrosion resistance, improved lubrication properties and enhanced effectiveness of metal working fluid concentrates.

Inorganic fluorides are used for a wide range of etching and cleaning applications, both for glass and stainless steel and for non-ferrous metal pieces. 

We also offer tailored flotation solutions for mineral processing and mining.

Metal cleaning and finishing: 

Metal working: 
  • Antarox®
  • Alkamuls®
  • Duraphos
  • Geropon®
  • Lubrhophos®
  • Rhodafac® ASI
  • Rhodasurf®
  • Rhodoline®

Surface coatings modifiers: 


Metal Treatment:
  • KBF4
  • NaF
  • Na Cryolite

Heavy metals remover:

Brazing of aluminium components:

Leather Treatment

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Raw animal hides are tanned and cured to produce leather which is decay-resistant, opaque and flexible. Several tanning agents are available, many of them in use since the early days of civilization, including oak bark and hemlock, vegetable tannins extracted from plants, chromium salts such as chrome alum (potassium chromium sulphate), fish oil and formaldehyde. 

We provide solvents that bring HSE profile improvement and odor reduction to leather finishing formulations.

Leather tanning agents: 

Leather finishing: 

Hair removal:

Glass Treatment

Glass polishing:

Polishing powder:

Abrasives, glass opacifier:
  • KBF4
  • Na Cryolite