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Holidays like Easter wouldn’t taste the same without vanillin


Did you know all types of chocolate contained vanilla – or vanillin, to be specific? From the purest, darkest varieties to the sweetest white chocolate, none of these would taste right without the precious molecule, of which Solvay happens to be the leading producer.


Oxygenated water for more sustainable fish farms


In aquaculture like with any kind of farming, the risk of infection and disease is ever present. Fish farmers do their best to prevent fish becoming sick or affected by parasites. Alastair Smart, Solvay’s Global Business Manager in Aquaculture, shares more on how Solvay is helping the aquaculture industry keep its fish population healthy.


Gas-capturing cages that could help fight climate change


The 2017 Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize goes to professor Susumu Kitagawa, from Kyoto University. His development of nanoporous materials could lead to new ways of capturing, storing and releasing gases.


Solvay’s 150 years of commitment to science: From Conference to Prize


From the prestigious conferences initiated in the early 20th century to today’s Chemistry for the Future Prize, Solvay has always maintained a tradition of encouraging the advancement of scientific research. For the love of science, but also out of a long-standing sense of collaborative intelligence.


Investing in startups to promote open innovation

Young professional team - Solvay Ventures story

Having open innovation in its DNA, Solvay creates partnerships and collaborations in a variety of ways. One of these ways is smartly investing in startups, which is Solvay Ventures’ mission.


Interview 1

A short interview of Dr Seuss


Interview 2

A short interview of Miss Littlepot